Jewish Eyes’ 1st Annual Passover Blog Contest!

1st Place: $125* / 2nd Place: $75*

Have you ever thought that the Exodus story needed a reboot?

If this Exodus story is out of date, think how out of date the one in the Bible might be.

Did you ever see a movie that felt like a modern day Passover story?

A story of refugees?

Is there some song where the lyrics sound like they’ve come straight out of the mouth of Moses?

A song for freedom?

Ever seen a work of art that that reminds you of your seder?

This might not look like your seder.

Talk about it in a Passover blog at our site, and maybe you’ll win a cash prize! See below for details!

WHO CAN APPLY? Applicants must meet at least ONE of the following three conditions:
1) Be between the ages of 18-30, and/or
2) Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, and/or
3) Have graduated an undergraduate program in the past 4 years.




  • WHO CAN APPLY? Applicants must meet at least one of the following three conditions:
    1) Be between the ages of 18-30, and/or
    2) Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, and/or
    3) Have graduated from an undergraduate program in the past 4 years.
  • LENGTH: Entries must be no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 1800 words.
  • CONTENT: Entries should be a reflection on (1) some aspect of Passover’s customs, practices, experiences, stories and/or symbolism as (2) paralleled in, reflected in, challenged by, or supported by at least one piece of art or entertainment that can fit into the category, or categories, of movement, music, theater, video, visual arts and/or writing.
  • STYLE: Creativity is highly encouraged. Expertise in Judaism, Jewishness or any art form is not a requirement. We are looking for the most dynamic, creative, moving (whether serious or humorous) and clear writing. Please add in images and/or video and/or audio to enhance the reader’s experience of your blog post.
  • EXAMPLES: For a few examples of previously published Jewish Eyes On The Arts blogposts related to Passover, see our pieces on Toy Story 2 as yachatz, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, “Because the Origami,” and images from South Africa.
  • HOW TO SUBMIT: To register an account as a blogger, click “log in” or “register” at and follow instructions from there in order to publish your original post(s). After you have posted, please write to us at in order to provide us with all contact information we may need to reach you.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: Submissions must be published only on the Jewish Eyes On The Arts website.
  • DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by noon EST of March 28 2013. (Please note that entries labeled “Pending” at that time will be considered submitted. It may take up to 36 hours for posts to be approved before submission for approval.)
  • WINNERS AND RESULTS: Winners will be contacted before the 7th night of Passover 2013.
  • *CASH PRIZES: Please note that two cash prizes ($125 for 1st place, and $75 for 2nd place) were our original goals. As fundraising exceeds $218, either more or larger cash prizes will be announced! (Donations to our campaign can be made at this link.)

We can’t wait to read your Passover story!





From 2012


October 11 6 PM


Art Opening, Live Performance, and Artists Q&A 

Celebrating the opening of Ellen Alt‘s art exhibit Text and the accompanying group art exhibit Context. Live performances begin at 7:00 PM, including ChEckiT!DanceLori LeiferOMG Poetry from “One Man Gang” (a.k.a. Joseph D. Robbins), and more. Talkback with featured artists begins at 8:00 PM.

Location: Columbia / Barnard Hillel – The Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life
606 West 115th Street, New York, NY 10025

TEXT and CONTEXT art exhibits by Jewish Art Salon & Oholiav

The Jewish Art Salon, Oholiav, and the Columbia / Barnard’s Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life are proud to present CELEBRATE

Join us Thursday October 11, 2012, 6pm
TEXT: A comparative exhibition in black and white by Ellen Alt  
In the late 80’s Ms. Alt created a series based on the design of the Talmud page.  (The Talmud is a vast collection of texts and commentary written down between 200 and 1500 AD). Blocks of overlapping marks depict timeless calligraphic conversations; much like the sages never-ending arguments and discussions of the Torah.
Alt’s most recent work is a series of explorations of structure and fluidity.  Frameworks of grids, bones and scaffolding sustain and support the flexible, malleable and unpredictable. 
Both series address spontaneity and surprise over underlying foundations.
Second floor of the of the Kraft CenterCONTEXT: An art exhibit by the Jewish Art Salon and Oholiav
In this exhibit, 29 artists present their own unique perspectives on the use of text in art, elevating the letters to explore not only their meaning, but also their visual impact. Through these 29 artworks, you are invited to discover the many different ways artists use text in their art – from repetition and pattern rich in texture, to zooming in on a single letter, from figurative pieces to abstraction, through a variety of different media – painting, drawing, photography and mixed media, these artists show the varied beauty struck through the chords of letters.
Third, fourth and fifth floors the of the Kraft Center.
Join us for additional events October 25 and November 29:

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