Oholiav is a community for viewing arts & entertainment through a Jewish lens. And it’s not just any community.

Oholiav is your community.

Without you, Oholiav ain’t nothin’. You are Oholiav.

(And so is everyone else who uses this site.)

So, what can you do to make Oholiav happen?

Any of the following:

  • Be a lurker: Feel free to read blog posts as they come around.
    Look for new posts by clicking the images on the home page!
  • Be a commenter: Feel free to comment on blog posts as you read ’em.
    Look at the bottom of each blog post for space to write your thoughts.
  • Be a conversationalist: Did someone write a blog post or a comment that just made you think of something mildly important to say? Well, go ahead and say it! Tell it to the people! Whether they’re questions or statements, we welcome your words!
  • Be a writer: Did you come across a piece of culture that made you think about something Jewy? Tell all of Oholiav about it. Log in and write ye a blog post.
  • Be a friend: Does somebody at Oholiav keeping saying things that are exactly what you’re thinking? Or maybe even the exact opposite of what you’re thinking? Or somewhere in between? Get a conversation going, and make a new friend!
  • Be creative: We’re not sure what else to add to this list.

Oholiav is an open-ended online community for thoughts on arts, entertainment, and Judaism.

Arts, entertainment, and Judaism are each nurtured by communities composed of people with diverse opinions and experiences.

Oholiav needs you. Only you can make a culture of arts, entertainment, and Judaism come truly alive.

Welcome to Oholiav.

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