VISION STATEMENT: seeing with Jewish eyes

Jewish Eyes On The Arts believes that Jews engage in all contexts through a Jewish lens, yet the complexities of modern life often obscure relevant Jewish values, narratives and philosophies. As a result of cultural clashes between modernity and Judaism, Jews often disengage from their Jewish identity when presented with the tensions of contemporary culture; however, Jewish values often resonate (frequently unconsciously) within much of the world external to the Jewish realm. Jewish Eyes On The Arts looks toward a future where arts and entertainment–as transformative media for reflecting life and reflecting on life–will serve as vehicles for reclaiming Jewish values and building a deeper sense of Jewish identity.

MISSION STATEMENT: building Jewish sights

Jewish Eyes On The Arts’ mission is–through running experiential programming, producing informational web content, and initiating other modes of cutting-edge Jewish engagement–to develop Jewish identity by illuminating the tensions embedded in the intersection of the spectrum of Jewish identity, and the spectrum of secular arts and culture.

About Us

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