IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Elie Lichtschein at Jewish Eyes on the Arts Salon

May 20, 2013 at 1:08 pm, by

Elie Lichtschein is a Jewish singer-songwriter based in Washington DC. His music seamlessly fuses an old-school rock sensibility with lyrics that focus on personal experience, spirituality and truth.

Winded from the long trip from DC, Elie breezed into the room with a group of friends and family in tow. He quickly took the stage to perform two special songs: Celebrate the End and Hey There, Lovely Lady.
The sounds of his acoustic guitar reverberated through the room with an ease and familiarity that placed him quickly among the next-gen disciples of Dylan.

But the lyrics were far from the heresy of that Jewish singer-songwriter, combining delicately-constructed metaphors with literal allusions to Carlebach and even the Messiah.
In his presentation, Elie spoke passionately about his love for art that reeks of honesty and how he searches for lyrics to reflect his own personal truth.

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