Dovid Orlansky at the Salon (online) May 19

May 20, 2013 at 9:33 am, by

Dovid Orlansky is an artist and musician, who submitted work to the Jewish Eyes on the Arts Salon for May 19. His work is varied and he has recently begun to experiment with different printmaking techniques.


The pieces showcased here represent a contemplative, expressive turn in Dovid’s work. In the drawings, he creates tangled brambles of thorns, hiding and trapping symbols such as eyes. These thorns turn into the synapses of a brain, as thoughts seem to fight tumultuously within a figure’s head. You can find more of Dovid’s work at his website.



According to The Creative Soul, Dovid Orlansky is an abstract artist, exploring expression and emotion in his work. Dovid places an emphasis on the viewer and the personal meaning found by all in his work.



Seeking greater levels of spirituality and incorporating Torah and prayer into his work as inspiration for all is his goal. Jewish themes and mantras, as well as various concepts from Tanach are found in his art, encouraging contemplation of life’s mission, attainment of spirituality and positive drives for humanity. He lives in Brooklyn and works as an artist and musician.

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