IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Momentum and Martin Buber at April 21 Salon

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Kaitlin Nemeth is a NY-based stage manager and a member of the Jewish Eyes on the Arts advisory board. She will be presenting a monologue from the show The Momentum at the Jewish Eyes on the Arts Salon on April 21.


Kaitlin shares her thoughts on The Momentum:

Feeling restless? Alone? Broke? Well, so are a lot of people.  The world is a hard, hard place filled with pain and an incomprehensible sense of confusion and doom. How do all of us muddle through? How do we find a way to untangle the massive headache that is our life and find our place in a world that contains all of our hopes and our fears?  For some, the answer is religion.  They turn to a higher power for comfort and warmth.
martin buberMartin Buber struggled with the idea of loving or trusting a God that we cannot define.  In his exploration of the I-Thou relationship, the philosopher explained human existence as series of encounters. Through this vein, Buber probably hoped to parse out the meaning of human nature and the root of human pain and loneliness.
 The MOMENTUMTo the believers of  The Momentum©®, a fictional self help cult, pain is a myth, love is a battlefield, and life doesn’t hold try outs.  It may be a little less fancy than what Buber had written half a century earlier, but CollaborationTown’s The Momentum©®, a play presented at APAP in January 2013 at the Kraine Theater , looks at the same questions: why do we do the things that we do, even though we hurt others and ourselves? If we have all of the answers then why are there still so many problems? How am I meant to exist in a world with so much anger and hurt? How do I go on?
In Judaism, it’s not always so simple. For the members of TheMomentum©®, it’s not that simple either.  It takes work, higher levels of thinking and feeling, and the ability to sift through contrast and paradox.
Watch a teaser for the play here.

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