IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Jonah’s love, music and mysticism at the Salon

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Jonah Rank is  a musician and rabbinical student, and the co-founder of Jewish Eyes on the Arts.  Jonah is a trailblazer, combining the somewhat unlikely combination of humorous music with a deep passion for spiritual and intellectual growth, making him a unique voice in the world of both music and Judaism.
His work encompasses cultural references and personal narrative, satire and liturgy. Though Jonah has put out several albums, to fully appreciate his music one must see it live, as he pounds the piano to submission using all of his limbs and occasionally teeth.
Jonah presented his work “Love Songs from Israel” at the April 21 and May 19 Jewish Eyes on the Arts Salon. Below, Jonah shares his ideas about the piece:

Love Songs from Israel
While living in Israel last year, I suddenly felt that I had found myself as a songwriter more so than I ever felt at any other time in my life. I wrote more and higher-quality songs in that time than any other period of my life.
Whereas most of my songs reflect my more humorous side, the songs I wrote in Israel unleashed an unfiltered side of who I am as a semi-mystical Jew, as a human infused with a love for Divine humanity, and as a regular person with regular ambitions and regular faults. A collection of these songs about my composite being comes from a land of composite cultures. With these songs of self-discovery, I will always recall prolific moments of self-actualization in the Jewish homeland.
The songs I wrote in Israel include: “Gonna Go To Sleep,” “Embody & Transcend,” “Here’s Some Love,” “Missed the Boat (Too Late),” “The Broke & Single Club,” “My Old Friend (Time),” “Hear One Love,” “Theos Envy (I Don’t Believe In You),” “One More Girlfriend,” and “I’m Not (In Any Way Or Shape Or Form).”

To hear Jonah’s music, check out his page on Reverbnation:

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