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On October 11, Oholiav proudly opened our very first art exhibit, at the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Kraft Center, featuring the work of artist Ellen Alt  and almost 30 other artists from around the world! The exhibit focuses on text and how artists use the written word for visual impact and inspiration. The show will be on display at  the Columbia-Barnard Hillel‘s Kraft Center, 606 W 115th St.

Exhibit brought to you by the Oholiav, the Jewish Art Salon, and the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life. Exhibits made possible through the support of the Sidney J. Silberman Endowment Fund and in loving memory of Sidney J. Silberman.


TEXT: A comparative exhibition in black and white by Ellen Alt  
In the late 80’s artist Ellen Alt created a series based on the design of the Talmud page.  (The Talmud is a vast collection of texts written between 200 and 600 AD).
Blocks of overlapping marks depict timeless calligraphic conversations; much like the sages’ never-ending arguments and discussions of the Torah.
Alt’s most recent work is a series of explorations of structure and fluidity.  Frameworks of grids, bones and scaffolding sustain and support the flexible, malleable and unpredictable.
Both series address spontaneity and surprise over underlying foundations.

Located on the 2nd floor the of the Kraft Center.

CONTEXT: An art show by the Jewish Art Salon and Oholiav
In this exhibit, 29 artists from around the world present their own unique perspectives on the use of text in art, elevating the letters to explore not only their meaning, but also their visual impact. Through these 29 artworks, the viewer is invited to discover the many different ways artists use text in their art–from repetition and pattern rich in texture, to zooming in on a single letter; from figurative pieces to abstraction, through a variety of different media–painting, drawing, photography and mixed media. These artists show the varied beauty struck through the chords of letters.

Located on 3rd, 4th and 5th floors the of the Kraft Center.

View a selection of the work on display: 

Mark Podwal, The Letters of Gershom Sholem

Doni Silver Simons, Mach

Dov Lederberg, Chet


Elyssa Wortzman, Shin

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