IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Scott Stein & His Columbiarnard Orchestra

October 28, 2012 at 7:13 pm, by

“I tend to keep my Jewish music and my pop music separate. They are a bit like meat and milk to me,” singer-songwriter Scott Stein told Oholiav.

The musician shared some of his personal influences during a special performance of his orchestrated chamber-pop project Scott Stein & His Well-Groomed Orchestra on October 25.

After the performance, Scott Stein spoke about his work, life, and influences in a Q&A.

The son of a cantor, Scott grew up hearing Jewish music at home and does sometimes write music he describes as Jewish.

But Scott believes Jewish music and rock n’ roll come from different origins, and they each have a different place in his life. “My favorite rock and roll bands… let’s just say it’s not music I would want to hear in a shul,” he said.

The evening was held at the Columbia/Barnard Hillel – The Kraft Center for Jewish Life(606 West 115th Street) and featured Columbia & Barnard student musicians who helped bring the music to life. Playing alongside Scott Stein were: Rami Schwartzer (trumpet), Mike Cohen (tenor sax), Jeff Young (violin), Shirin Dey (violin), Hillel Lehmann (viola), Glen Saunders (double bass), Rakhi Agrawal (backup vocals), Elina Kanellopoulou (backup vocals), Emily Landa-Levin (backup vocals), and Katie Dinerman (backup vocals).

Scott Stein and the chamber group’s performance was part of a multi-media evening of art titled Fusion.

As part of the event, Ellen Alt’s exhibit Text and the group exhibit Context was on special display. The evening ended with a talkback from Context artist Carol PhilipsRead more about Text and Context.

Like Scott’s music? Check out the rest of his performance at the Oholiav Youtube page. This show was brought to you by Oholiav, the Jewish Art Salon, and the Columbia/Barnard Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life. Exhibits made possible through the support of the Sidney J. Silberman Endowment Fund and in loving memory of Sidney J. Silberman.

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